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Small Wine Journals for Different Palates

Posted by smART bookx Stationery on Friday, November 28, 2014, In : Food and Drink 
Below are some of the latest additions to our range of notebooks … two small wine journals entitled 'Wine Notes' and 'Wine Notes & Ramblings'. The two cover designs are very different. One is a close up of a wine bottle complete with the classic anecdote “wine improves with age … the older I get, the better I like it!” and the other is a more contemporary design full of wine related words.


Both have the same interior layout, which allows for more space for personal notes than do mos...

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Why Trust Us?

Posted by smART bookx Notebooks on Thursday, November 6, 2014, In : Why Trust Us 
One of the difficulties of shopping online is that you can’t see and touch the product. One solution that we all use to solve it is to stick to brands that we’ve heard of and trust.  smART bookx has only be around for a year and it’s unlikely that you have heard of us yet, so why should you trust us?  After all, there are a few cowboys out there selling poor quality stationery at over inflated prices (think paper so thin you can see through it). We are confident of the high quality of o...
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New Gift Notebooks for Sisters & Grandmas

Posted by smART bookx Stationery on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, In : Seasonal Gifts 
Our ‘Best in the World’ series of notebooks is growing! The 'Best Mom in the World' and 'Best Dad in the World' notebooks proved so popular this year that we thought we’d add sisters and grandmas to the list in time for Christmas. Take a look…


Strangely, the phrase “Sister Gifts” gets searched in Google ~3600 times a month whereas “Brother Gifts” only gets ~390 searches. That’s a huge difference. There must be pretty much equal numbers of brothers ...

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Thanks to the Gentleman who left FIVE Outstanding Reviews

Posted by smART bookx Notebooks on Monday, November 3, 2014, In : Why Trust Us 
A thank you is better late than never, so many thanks to the gentleman who left us five outstanding reviews in August. Customer feedback really helps us to improve at what we do.

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Mad About Tartan

Posted by smART bookx Stationery on Sunday, November 2, 2014, In : Design Ranges 
Boy are we in love with tartan. Our traditional red Stewart Plaid design has consistently been one of our most popular notebooks (left below) and one of our most popular kids stationery items is a really cute fairy in a tartan dress.

With this in mind we thought it was time that we offered a little more Scottish choice, so we have come up with two fab new tartan designs in the run up to the Christmas gift shopping season. 

Purple Tartan Notebook
Purple is far and away the most popular shade in o...

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