Vincent van Gogh

August 2, 2018
Vincent van Gogh was a passionate Dutch expressionist artist, sadly most renowned for cutting his own ear off after an argument with Gauguin. His artistic genius was, sadly, closely linked to his violent mood swings which sometimes rendered him suicidal (he took his own life at the age of 37) but at others, supercharged his imagination and creative capacity. In the two months prior to his death van Gogh completed one piece of art every single day. He was a compassionate man and his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters was inspired by the poverty he witnessed in the peasant farming communities of the Dutch Brabant. Following the realism of The Potato Eaters, van Gogh moved on to the brightly colored, broad brush stroked, expressionist art for which he is best renowned. His use of complementary colors, particularly combining blues and ochres, is evident in his Sunflower Series, Starry Night, Noon Rest from Work, Almond Blossom, Wheat Field with Cypresses and Irises.
We publish several pieces of his, but far the most popular are Starry Night and Almond Blossom.

Starry Night, available on Notebooks, Password Journals, Daily Planners, Writing Journals, Birthday Calendar Books, Reading Logs and Address Books

Almond Blossom available on Garden Planners, Notebooks, Guest Books, and Writing Journals


Army Camo

August 2, 2018

Password Journals, Composition Notebooks, Notebooks and the smaller Pocket Books (Writing Journals coming soon(ish) :>)


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Our Antique Map Range ...

August 1, 2018
... features a rare and decorative Dutch 17th Century world map, originally made using copper engraving. It's available on: Trip Planners, Password Journals, Address Books, Composition Notebooks, Notebooks and Guest Books


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Hokusai's Great Wave

August 1, 2018
Hokusai was a Japanese print-maker who lived at the beginning of the 19th Century and had no less than thirty different names over the course of his lifetime. The famous Great Wave off Kanagawa is the first print from a series of thirty six which he created under the name Katsushika Hokusai during his sixties (when he was widely regarded to be producing his best work … so it’s never too late!). The central theme of the prints is Mount Fuji which can be seen in the background. As a Japanes...
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The Full Low Down on the Carnival Range

July 31, 2018
First published back in 2015 on Blank Sheet Music, this design has been so uber popular that it's now available on pretty much everything we publish. So, if you are considering buying a set of journals this is the one to go for.
The first version was the 'Music Carnival' (sometimes you'll just see it under the name 'Carnival' because it was the original) but now there is Carnival Owls, Carnival Cats, Carnival Elephants, Carnival for Foodies, Carnival Unicorns, Carnival Boats (on a Trip Planne...
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The Antique Bookshelf

July 31, 2018
Most popular on our best-selling Reading Log (for obvious reasons) but also available on a Monthly Budget Planner if you like :>


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Our Antique Parchment Range

July 31, 2018
Our original antique parchment design was first published in yellow ochre on a Blank Sheet Music Book in 2015:

In that tint, it's now available on an Internet Password Book (called 'Password Journals'), two Creative Writing Journals and a Composition Notebook. Because the Blank Sheet Music proved so popular, we recently expanded the tints available on staff paper to include olive (below left) & tan (below right); to give customers more options when repurchasing:


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A New Series of Writing Journals

July 10, 2018
First off, a quick look inside...

So, the majority of the page is plain ruled (medium to wide) because obviously that's what you want in a Writing Journal! But there are a few useful features to help you organize content. There's a clearly defined gray title bar at the top and, beneath it, 3 slightly wider lines in case you want to write an introduction or extended page title. At the bottom you have more options for keeping organized with two different summary areas, a gray box and four lines ...

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Because Budgeting is Boreing

July 6, 2018
To spice things up a bit there are now 8 new Monthly Budget Planner design ranges.

Design range names (from top left to bottom right): Wonder Woman, Carnival Cats, Polka Dots in Red, Rustic, Breton Stripes, This Girl Can, Vintage Paris and Plaid in Purple


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Our Trip Planners have had a Makeover

July 6, 2018
Hello All,
We've been super busy over the last 6 months republishing most of our journals as second editions with a new publisher. The second editions of our Trip Planner & Travel Journals have a way better interior, with clearer fonts and more space for daily trip planning. Plus we've extended the design ranges. Here are a couple of our new additions:


(Ranges: Top left 'Trip Art', Top right 'Quotes', Bottom 'Rustic')

FYI All the 2nd editions and new designs are on at cheaper prices even tho...
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