Wholesale Information for smART bookx Stationery

All smART bookx Notebooks, Journals and Composition Books can be purchased wholesale from Createspace Direct eight weeks after their publication date. (Pocketbooks are not available wholesale). This service is currently only available to licensed resellers in the USA.  Depending on the nature of your business, the following unit price reductions apply.  There is no minimum limit to the number of units purchased. 

Price Reduction

Libraries 20%
Retail 35%
Distribution 45% 

All our stationery is barcoded and the notebook size has an RRP on the back cover of $9.99.
The book ISBNs and publication dates can be found on their Amazon product page. (Click on the 'BUY NOW ON AMAZON.COM' links on the blog page entitled "Stationery Search" on this website.)

Wholesale Application Process

To become eligible for the above wholesale purchase prices you need to:

1 Register for a Standard Createspace Account in order to get a Createspace customer ID number.

2 Complete and submit a Resale Verification Form. This will require a State Sales Tax Permit Number.

3 Fill in the Createspace Direct Reseller Application Form online.  




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