Scary Smart Comments

Part I: Very scary, but informative and useful.

Part II: Contradictory garbage! (sorry)

Specific Bugbears

1. He writes in 2nd person, repeatedly accusing me of being an evil, greedy, capitalist and then blatantly promotes his own new start-ups (I note, they're NOT not-for-profit). I did take it personally! I'm not the things he accused me of being.

2. When it suits him, the AI will be fused into one single, all-knowing God-like entity. At other times he conveniently forgets that and tells us to only nurture the "good" AI

3. His attitude to happiness is naive. I could whinge for ages but luckily I'm not there to bore you all. Basically, I feel the presumption that we can, and should, all be happy and kind, all of the time, is flawed. (If two people feel that Jerusalem is theirs, can they both be happy? Is it wrong for a parent to occasionally lose their temper with a child. The child learns from that that their parents have feelings too and that their behaviour was unacceptable.)

My General Takeaway

It's impossible to predict, so his arguments rapidly degenerate into - making it up as he goes along (see: The Black Swan by Taleb). You could equally predict that the AI will be faced with endless contradictions and will just do nothing, accepting that there is no "solution", or crash, in a manner akin to the robot Kryton in Red Dwarf when he tries to learn ambivalence.

Enjoy! (Look forward to Kevin passing your thoughts on on Friday) x