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8” x 10” (20.3 x 25.4 cm). Almost the same width as A4 but a few centimeters shorter in height.


100 spacious daily records (image below). Log each item along with its weight, protein, fat, carbs and calories.  To learn and succeed, record:

  • Time & place - when are the wrong foods eaten?
  • Sleep, energy & stress - does mood affect food?
  • Glasses of water - many people snack when actually thirsty?
  • Allergy symptoms - is a specific food a trigger?
  • Supplements / medicines - affecting appetite?
  • Fruit or veg - filling up on the right stuff?
  • Exercise - directly beneath the food log for a quick daily calorie balance

Customize it with:

  • A spare column to track nutrients of interest,  e.g. sugar or caffeine
  • Plenty of journal space each day
  • A Daily Personal Goal area
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Main Pages
food exercise diary page from smART bookx
At the Back

Charts for:

  • Calculating calories burned at rest and during different activities
  • Personal Health Statistics Tracking e.g. weight, waist & heart rate
  • Storing regular meals for quick reference
calorie expenditure chart from smART bookx
personal nutrition charts from smART bookx Food Diary
Stats Tracker from smART bookx Food Diary
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