Product Information

A line-a-day Gratitude and Happiness Journal, with a complete 100-week guided journey to joy and positivity. Start any time and enjoy plenty of variety, inspirational quotes, uplifting images and prompts to help along the way.

Dimensions: 8" x 10" (20.3 x 25.4 cm). Almost the same width as A4 but a few cm shorter in height – so no cramming! Plenty of space for personalization such as doodles or adding stickers.

One hundred decorative and spacious diary pages provide two complementary pathways to a life of motivation and joy.

The first path builds ‘Positivity through Gratitude’. Each day for 100 weeks there’s provision to pause and reflect upon up to 3 things to be grateful for. This process of actively writing down gratitude has been shown to increase happiness and may help alleviate depression. For those difficult days when we all inevitably struggle, there are regular thought-provoking questions, quotes and uplifting imagery for inspiration.

The second path builds ‘A Habit of Happiness’. The first year is dedicated to slowly but surely building a log of any experiences, no matter how small, that have brought happiness. As the journal progresses, gentle encouragement is then provided to begin to remember these things, schedule time to actively pursue them and make happiness become a habit.

At the Front A full explanation of how to use the journal, with tips for what works and what doesn’t.

At the Back (and the end of each fortnightly two-page spread) there’s extra space for notes just in case the pen starts to flow.

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