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"An absolutely great little book!! Loads of checklists, useful information and sections to complete, creating wonderful memories."


8” x 10” (20.3 x 25.4 cm).  Almost the same width as A4 but a few centimeters shorter in height.


Keep travel plans and memories in one place. Store four trips: one of up to 21 days, two up to 15 days and one up to 9 days. (Detailed images below).

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Antique Map   

Vintage Road Trip  

Vintage Travel*  

Carnival Travel   

Quotes "World is a Book"   

Trip Art   

Rustic Map   

Chalk Board "Path"   

Quotes "Be Strong"    

Each trip is split into three sections:

A Title Page

Summary boxes for each day's major activity, plus a large space for maps or memorable images.

demo trip planner page

Detailed Planner Pages

For accommodation and activity schedule, duration, booking status and cost. Calculate totals for any numerical entries.

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Retrospective Diary Pages

A full page per day. Question prompts, ratings and plenty of space for personal reflections.

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*The text inside the Vintage Travel Trip Planner is a cursive font, but the content is identical. Please be sure to use Look Inside on the Amazon product page before ordering.