A New Series of Writing Journals

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First off, a quick look inside...

So, the majority of the page is plain ruled (medium to wide) because obviously that's what you want in a Writing Journal! But there are a few useful features to help you organize content. There's a clearly defined gray title bar at the top and, beneath it, 3 slightly wider lines in case you want to write an introduction or extended page title. At the bottom you have more options for keeping organized with two different summary areas, a gray box and four lines separated from the main page by an attractive pattern. This means you have plenty of space to write comments or summaries. It depends what you're using your journal for, but it could be a date, the weather or a rating of some kind - whatever suits.
Notice that we've numbered the pages for you (there are 103 pages like this). This is because, as always, we've provided you with 4 pages of Blank Contents at the front of the journal, to fill in as you go along (image below). The problem with journals is they start off all organized and tidy but as they fill up, we all start to lose track of what the heck is where. With the pages clearly numbered and a blank Contents to fill in as you go along, you can always find what you're looking for. Plus, the Contents pages have subtle category columns so, for example, if you were storing recipes you could categorize them into starters, mains and desserts. These blank Contents tables are really popular with our customers. We provide them in our recipe books and reading logs and people often comment on how useful they find them...

So, to the designs. We went a bit nuts and published 32 different designs! Here are a few of our favorites. To see them all click on one of the blue buttons at them bottom of this post...

Carnival Cats, Carnival Music and Carnival Unicorns (there are also elephants and owls available)

Quotes (left) with a printed image of brown leather and Rustic (right) again a printed image of wood

Penguins (what's not to like?) Covers with wildlife photography of Wolves, Horses, Giant Pandas and Meerkats are available

Breton Stripes (along with Chevrons, Polka Dots, Plain Purple and Plain Red)

Giraffe Print (There's a Leopard Print one too)

Japanese, Vintage Parisian (as well as a Chinese Dragon in red and gold)

van Gogh's Starry Night and Almond Blossom

Also: Plaid, Wonder Woman, Cupcakes and Candy. Just go have a look ...


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