Animals in Fine Art - The Fox by Franz Marc

Posted by smART bookx Stationery on Thursday, April 9, 2015 Under: Animals and Wildlife

Notebook (left) and pocketbook (right)


The Fox by Franz Marc is one of our most popular Fine Art Notebook. In fact, it sometimes tops our list of best-sellers even when all our other series are included; i.e. it sometimes beats all the national flags and all the kids stocking fillers … surprised?  We were.  While most people have heard of the van Gogh, Monet and Gustav Klimt Notebooks we publish, any will no doubt never have heard of the expressionist animal artist Franz Marc. So why is it so popular?  It’s a beautiful animal painting — simple as that. Our customers clearly have a lot of taste, and taste has, refreshingly, trumped fame. So, if you’re looking for fox gifts look no further, these notebooks are a safe bet.

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