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With plenty of space inside to log: ingredients, method, serving number, cooking method, food & wine accompaniments, success ratings, difficulty, special dietary needs, nutrition and inspirations, our Blank Recipe Books make great Christmas Gifts for Foodies, Cooks & Chefs. We've got five designs to choose from:

Above: Traditional Country Kitchen Polka Dots (left) and Carnival (right) 
Below: Cupcakes & Candy (left) and Foodie Quotes (right)
and finally, something for the Chocoholics ...

To view them all on Amazon click on the blue buttons below:


Just looked back at this post. Wow, we've come a long way since then. We have tons more designs available in our Blank Recipe Book series now, including Wonder Woman, Superman, a plain Chevron pattern, Keep Calm and Cook, a Rustic design (below left) and a fab Vintage one (below right). They'll all drop out in the Amazon search if you click on one of the blue buttons above. Happy Holidays :>

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