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Get super-organized with one of our new Personal Daily Planners. All the days of the week are laid out at-a-glance over a 2-page spread so you can easily plan your schedule and never be taken by surprise. Each day there's space to plan your agenda, jobs, meals, exercise and even your look! There's also a weekly goal setting and review facility and, if your goal is to save a littlle money, they are definitely a winner because they're much cheaper than many other similar products out there. You don't have to wait till the New Year to get started either. These day planners can be started any time.
We went a bit nuts and published 15 designs! Below are just a selection. To see them all click through to your preferred Amazon below.

Fun & Inspirational
Wonder Woman themed & Vintage (the 'We Can Do It WW2 poster is fab)

Traditional favorites
(There are also Tartan and Polka Dot ones)

Carnival Style

An Eastern Twist


In : Calendars, Planners and Organizers 

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