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Apologies! These were published back in April and it's taken until August for us to get around to posting this blog. (Ah so much to do :>)
Anyway, here they all are (internal image this time too) and hopefully this post will be useful for those browsing for Christmas presents in a few months.

The main pages are a weekly based record (above) but at the beginning and end of the month you get additional planning and journal space. There's also extra space for Brainstorming (below) and a few other added extras at the back.

So, to the cover designs... (Van Gogh's almond blossom is proving the most popular so far - which makes a change from Carnival always coming out top. Our personal favorite is the Vintage one) ...
Above left: Carnvial, Above right: Van Gogh's Almond Blossom.
Below left: Vintage, Below right: Floral 


Update July 2018
Added a couple more designs (below) from our 'Rustic' and 'Peacock' ranges, just to keep things interesting :>

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