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Posted by smART bookx Stationery on Saturday, March 26, 2016 Under: Academic and Accounting
We really did our research before publishing these bill organziers / expenses trackers. It took a while to get it right but it was so worth it.
Your number one complaint with other brands was the ridiculously small number of rows available for logging purchases. Very few people in this day and age can get away with only 8-10 purchases in an entire month (I can spend that in a weekend when I'm doing the pre school term haul for my daughter!) so why do most budget journals provide such a small amount of space? No idea, but ours have just under 30 wide rows so you can easily fit your description in or fit more than one item in a row if it's a particularly busy month.
Then there's the fact that all the other budget planners seem to put their categories in rows - why would you do that when it's SO much easier to add numbers up in columns!? 
Anyway, we've gone for categories in columns running across a two page spread so there's plenty of space. (The planners are 8.5" x 11" ... so Big!)  We've also provided lots of other features like monthly income and outgoings tables, calendars, a savings log and more. 
Here they are... let us know what you think:




In : Academic and Accounting 

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