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Boy are we in love with tartan. Our traditional red Stewart Plaid design has consistently been one of our most popular notebooks (left below) and one of our most popular kids stationery items is a really cute fairy in a tartan dress.

With this in mind we thought it was time that we offered a little more Scottish choice, so we have come up with two fab new tartan designs in the run up to the Christmas gift shopping season. 

Purple Tartan Notebook
Purple is far and away the most popular shade in our Plain Shades Notebook Series so we already had in mind that a purple / pink tartan design might be fun. Then, on the beach last summer we spotted a lady in a fantastic purple tartan bikini. Perhaps the sighting was a gift from God --- the deal was sealed. So here (centre above), inspired in part by an anonymous French lady with great taste, is the result…. we hope you like it. Think Vivienne Westwood, but with a brighter twist.

(above links take you to both the red and the purple tartan notebooks)

Musted Blue Tartan Notebook
Okay, one shouldn’t genderize, but the purple tartan design is probably one for the ladies so, for our second new tartan, we’ve gone for something more unisex. Not everyone thinks that bright is beautiful so our Blue Tartan notebook (right above) is a more subtle style of sophistication.


(Use these links for the blue tartan notebook)

We’re done for now but not done for good.  Watch out for future tartan designs … don’t be surprised if a few tartan butterflies and owls start flying around in 2015!

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