New Gift Notebooks for Sisters & Grandmas

Posted by smART bookx Stationery on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Under: Seasonal Gifts
Our ‘Best in the World’ series of notebooks is growing! The 'Best Mom in the World' and 'Best Dad in the World' notebooks proved so popular this year that we thought we’d add sisters and grandmas to the list in time for Christmas. Take a look…


Strangely, the phrase “Sister Gifts” gets searched in Google ~3600 times a month whereas “Brother Gifts” only gets ~390 searches. That’s a huge difference. There must be pretty much equal numbers of brothers and sisters out there??  (It’s a similar pattern between “Grandma Gifts” and “Grandpa Gifts” too.)  Perhaps the guys struggle a bit more for ideas than the girls and turn to the search engines for help with gift buying? Whatever the reason we’re sorry to prioritize sisters and grandmas before brothers and grandpas, but you can see why we did it.

In : Seasonal Gifts 

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