Our Trip Planners have had a Makeover

Posted by smART bookx Stationery on Friday, July 6, 2018 Under: Travel and World Cultures
Hello All,
We've been super busy over the last 6 months republishing most of our journals as second editions with a new publisher. The second editions of our Trip Planner & Travel Journals have a way better interior, with clearer fonts and more space for daily trip planning. Plus we've extended the design ranges. Here are a couple of our new additions:


(Ranges: Top left 'Trip Art', Top right 'Quotes', Bottom 'Rustic')

FYI All the 2nd editions and new designs are on at cheaper prices even though they're better. They just don't have many reviews yet so you'll find them a bit trickier to find. The best way is to type 'bookx' + the design range name in your search. [Tip: if it's a publication date of 2018, it's a new one so sorting by 'publication date' helps bring them to the top of the list]
Happy Holidays!

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