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We were delighted with the response to our super-cute pandas kids composition book last year, so we though we'd expand the selection. All have wide-ruled pages with margins and large page numbers, and a 10 x 10 multiplication grid on the back cover. Some are available as other kids' products. Where this is the case we've noted it below.
Dolphins (above left) also available as a Blank Music Manuscript book. Fairy (above right) also available as a 5 x 8 inch notebook.

Bunny Rabbit (above left) also availalbe as a 5 x 8 inch notebook. Book Worm (above right) also available as a Kids' Reading Journal

Geek Glasses (above right) also available as a 5 x 8 inch notebook

Both the Penguins and the Top Secret designs (above) are also available as 5 x 8 inch notebooks and the Top Secret one is also on a Password Journal.

To view the Primary Composition Books select your preferred Amazon below. To view any of the other products mentioned, go to your preferred Amazon and search on e.g. "dolphin" + "bookx", "fairy" + "bookx", "bunny" + "bookx" etc...


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