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To help make your Christmas shopping easier we thought we’d put our best-selling notebooks for older children all in one place (similar blog post for younger children coming soon), so here goes…

At number 1 it’s Geek Glasses and Mustaches (also available with the spelling Moustaches). The nine to twelve year-olds just can’t get enough of nerd glasses and silly mustaches at the moment.


Number 2 is one of our old and trusted favorites, the Top Secret notebook (with Keep Out! written on the back). With Its pirate style cover it's regularly at or near the top of our best-selling list.


Number 3, we’re very pleased to say, is our Pony notebook. It took a while to find its way on to the Amazon front pages, but since September of this year it’s been rapidly moving up the smART bookx sales ranking. (Wild ponies on the back cover too.)


Number 4 is Love Football. A soccer gift really, so probably more a stocking filler for the Brits than the US of A. But the beautiful game is played in The States too, so it’s always listed on just in case it’s wanted.


Number 5 is our UBER CUTE Meerkat notebook. There’s one on the back cover too.


Finally at number 6 is the Supercool Penguin notebook. Possibly more one for the younger kids, but if you still sometimes hear “Mom, can I play on Club Penguin” then it would tick a box on your gift list.


Good luck with the Christmas shopping,
The smART bookx team :>

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