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One of the difficulties of shopping online is that you can’t see and touch the product. One solution that we all use to solve it is to stick to brands that we’ve heard of and trust.  smART bookx has only be around for a year and it’s unlikely that you have heard of us yet, so why should you trust us?  After all, there are a few cowboys out there selling poor quality stationery at over inflated prices (think paper so thin you can see through it). We are confident of the high quality of our products and are happy to vouch for them, but then we would say that wouldn’t we. Our answer: let existing customers speak for themselves.  Below is genuine, unsolicited, feedback from our previous customers. Have a quick browse and you’ll soon see that you can buy from us with confidence. Our low prices are NOT because of shoddy products, they are possible because of the unique nature of our business model (see previous blog post). Since beginning trading in 2013 we have sold over 1000 notebooks and we are proud that at the time of writing we have never had a poor review on Amazon.com

***** Gorgeous Notebook ... I am very pleased with this purchase. The picture on the cover is lovely and the paper inside takes the pen beautifully ... ideal for jotting down ideas and shopping lists. I would buy this brand again. (30 Jun 2014)
***** Very Nice ... Beautiful. My daughter loved them!!! (August 17, 2014)
***** Love the Van Gogh Notebook ... Loved it, keep it in my purse incase of creative impulses.(November 8, 2013)
**** Beautiful Book ... Awesome pictures on front and back ... It will be a nice journal (December 31, 2013)
***** Five Stars ... Great artwork, perfect size. (August 16, 2014)
***** Really Pretty Notebook ... My mom loved it ... Going to get The Best Dad in the World one for my dad at Christmas ... highly recommend. (July 1, 2014) 

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