Perpetual Birthday / Anniversary Calendars in a Softback Book

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Start with the At-a-Glance Year Calendar. Use it to note the birthday and anniversary dates of all your friends and family. Then move on to the Gift Logs. You can make logs for up to six separate events in any given month, recording the: name of the person or couple, nature of the celebration, date of the original event, gifts already given for up to six years, and ideas for future gifts.
Towards the back of the book we've added four Event Planners. Each occupies a convenient two-page spread. Use them to create a guest list of up to 50 people, record details of venues, food plans, entertainment bookings and event timing, and write your jobs-to-do lists.
To help you with gift ideas, at the back are the: monthly birthstones and flowers, and traditional wedding anniversary gift lists for the USA and the UK.
Choose from seven different designs ...


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