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First published back in 2015 on Blank Sheet Music, this design has been so uber popular that it's now available on pretty much everything we publish. So, if you are considering buying a set of journals this is the one to go for.
The first version was the 'Music Carnival' (sometimes you'll just see it under the name 'Carnival' because it was the original) but now there is Carnival Owls, Carnival Cats, Carnival Elephants, Carnival for Foodies, Carnival Unicorns, Carnival Boats (on a Trip Planner) and a unique one for the Carnival Garden Planner. An example of each is given in this blog post, along with which products you'll find them on.

Music Carnival, available on: Address Books, Blank Sheet Music, Daily Planners, Password Journals, Composition Notebooks, Notebooks, Monthly Budget Planners & Writing Journals

Carnival Cats, available as: Monthly Budget Planners, Writing Journals, Notebooks, Composition Notebooks & Password Journals

Carnival Owls, available as: Reading Logs (with little books in the back ground), Password Journals, Composition Notebooks, Notebooks, Daily Planners, Perpetual Birthday Calendar Books, Mother's Day Journals, Writing Journals and Guest Books

Often just named 'Carnival' too, this one is specially for Foodies, so it's on the Food Diaries, Blank Recipe Books and weekly Meal Planners. If you look carefully there are soup ladles, kettles, pepper pots, casserole dishes and fruits hidden in the pattern.

Carnival Elephants They are decorative Indian elephants. Find them on: Composition Notebooks, Notebooks, Writing Journals and Password Journals

The Carnival Unicorns have two slightly different designs. The one on the left is on the Writing Journals, the one on the right is on Composition Books & Notebooks 

and finally...
There's the Garden Planner (below left - think slightly floral, potted plants, watering cans etc.) and the Trip Planner (below right with sailing boats, airplanes & balloons)

If you just want to browse, the blue buttons below will take you to a search on the whole lot, but, if you have a specific product in mind, to find it we suggest searching on amazon for: '[Product Type]' + 'Carnival [Type]' + 'bookx'. For example, if you wanted the Password Journal with Cats on, search 'Password' + 'Carnival Cats' + 'bookx'


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