Stocking Stuffers / Fillers for Younger Children

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As promised, here is a list of our top stocking fillers for younger children. (For older children see yesterday’s post) :

Numbers 1 & 2 feature Penguins. The search-and-find one, in truth, is a festive collection of all animals wintery, including polar bears, moose, foxes and snowy owls.


Numbers 3 and 4 are in a similar vein but feature Pandas. Again, in the search-and-find one, kids will love finding owls, butterflies, bees and more as well as the hiding pandas.


Number 5 is our ever-popular ‘Kids Fairy notebook’. It’s got a bit of a princess twist to it (with a frog prince) and has a big bumble bee on the back cover.


Finally, number 6 is something for the really little ones. Our cheeky ‘Little Monkey’ has extra wide ruled lines for early stage writers.


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