Introducing A New Series of Simple Guest Books

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Simple, no-frills, affordable guest books with interior decoration suitable for all occasions. Chose from five designs :



UPDATE JULY 2017....
We've been super-busy over the last 6 months republishing many of our books as 2nd editions with a new publisher. This includes the top 3 designs above (from left to right: 'Rustic', 'Lily' & 'Vintage Lace'). The only major difference between the 1st and 2nd editions is the size, which has changed slightly from 8.5" x 6" (originals) to 8.25" x 6" (2nd editions). We also took the opportunity to add some more designs., again all 8.25" by 6" (So, any Guest Book with a 2018+ publication date will be 8.25"). Here they are ...
Range names from top left to bottom right: van Gogh (already uber popular in the UK), Vintage Bunting, Copper Curls, Antique Map & Carnival Owls. Click on one of the blue buttons above and you should spot them on the list :>

Remember these are very much "No Frills". If you're looking for bells and whistles don't buy.

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