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I had a horrible time managing my money before I got this.
Now I save several hundred dollars every single month."


8.5” x 11” (21.6 x 27.9 cm)


24 comprehensive monthly logs
(larger images below)

Each monthly log includes:

An Expenditure Tracker
Builds a clear chronological record of spending. All expenses are allocated to one of 32 categories (with four blank ones for personalization). These are laid out in numbered columns to make adding up at the end of each month quick and easy.
Also space for:

  • Whether a receipt was received
  • Whether an item has cleared from the bank

A Budget Facility
The top row of the Expenditure Tracker can be used for setting monthly budget targets, by category. This budget row is directly above the monthly actual totals for ease of comparison.

Total Monthly
Income & Outgoings Tables
For an at-a-glance review of what's having the biggest effect on the overall monthly balance.

A Calendar
Useful for remembering items, e.g. bills, which clear automatically from the bank, but also good for anticipating large expenditures, such as vacations.

A To-Do Checklist

All Designs

Please Note: There are NO pockets

Carnival Music    

Floral (Original)  

Antique Books  


Keep Calm "Carry On"

Leopard Print   

Rustic Tree   

Breton Stripes   

Red Polka Dots   

Carnival Cats   

Vintage Paris   

Purple Plaid   

Floral Wreath   

Splash of Lime "She Did"

Work Nerd   

Plain Talking "Sugar"   

Main Monthly Log Pages

Two, two-page spreads. The second two pages are just a continuation of the Expenditure Table, so it has plenty of rows, even for the busiest of months.

budget planners wholesale from smART bookx
inside smART bookx monthly budget planners
This table continues over-leaf
Front Page

Annual Roll-up Chart
Each month, bring forward the Total Income and Total Outgoings to this page. This allows for a review of all monthly balances and makes summing annual totals an easy job.

A 'How to Use this Book' guide.

Demo of a monthly budget planner interior from smART bookx
Back Page

Two Savings Logs
Each monthly Outgoings Table provides an option to transfer some income to savings, which are logged at the back of the book. These could be used for any anticipated large expenditures, from college funds to cars, or to set up an emergency fund for unforeseen expenditures.

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