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I shared it. Hundreds of likes, with people that ordered as a result. Thank you so much for designing a great journal.
Big Fan!"


8" x 10" (20.3 x 25.4 cm). Almost the same width as A4 but a few centimeters shorter in height – that bit easier to fit into a bag.


Each week occupies a two page spread (larger images below) and allows for:

  • Totals of anything, cost or calories, but the shading is subtle so a meal title can easily be written over the top if preferred
  • A grocery list, so the book can be taken to a store
  • Extra Notes
At the Back

A double page tracker chart to compare e.g. cost or calories across three different stores or brands. There's also a page to jot down regular meals just the once, so ingredients don't have to be repeatedly written.
A general Notes page.

All Designs

Carnival Food    

Cupcakes & Candy    

Red Polka Dots    


Vintage Food  

Quotes (Original)  

Purple Polka Dots  

Keep Calm "Cook"       

Rustic Tree       

Work Nerd    

Rustic Rainbow "Rain"  

Words or Wisdom "Be your..

Splash of Lime "She Did"  

Plain Talking "Sugar"   

Chalk Board "Home"   

Rustic Rainbow "Apple Pies"  

Words of Wisdom "Peace"  

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