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"I love this.  Spaces for healthy goals. Several people in our health challenge at work purchased this after I did because they liked it so much too! !!!"


8" x 10" (20.3 x 25.4 cm). Almost the same width as A4 but a few centimeters shorter in height – no more cramming into tiny boxes!


Each week is conveniently set out on a two-page spread. (Larger images below).

Weekly Planner Sample Image from smART bookx

The start date is entered manually, so planning can begin any time without wasting weeks already passed.
Alongside daily planning, record up to three weekly goals, plan a strategy to achieve them and review their success.
There's also a shopping list, general notes and an overall rating area.

Daily records allow space to log:

  • Appointments
  • Jobs with tick boxes and priority stars
  • Meal plans
  • Exercise or rest, and
  • Intended outfit (super-useful for laundry planning)
At the Back
  • An at-a-glance year planner
at a glance year planner page from smART bookx
  • A few logs for web passwords & addresses
All Designs

Van Gogh, Starry Night

Leopard Print

Cupcakes & Candy  

Carnival Owls    

Keep Calm "Carry On"    

Chinese Dragon   

Rustic Rainbow "Love"    

Vintage Tea    

Rustic Rainbow "Cat"  

Work Nerd    

Words of Wisdom "Be Your.."    

Rustic Rainbow "Rain"    

Splash of Lime "She Did"  

Stars in Blush "The Stars"   

Plain Talking "Sugar"   

Yin Yang   

Rustic Rainbow "Dog"    

Words of Wisdom "Be Still"    

Stars in Blush "God Is"  

Floral Wreath   

Keep Calm "Tea"  

Rustic Rainbow "Horse"  


Main Pages x52
weekly planner sample image page 1 by smART bookx
weekly planner sample image page 2 by smART bookx
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