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8" x 10" (20.3 x 25.4 cm). Almost the same width as A4 but a few centimeters shorter in height.


Four blank Contents pages with category columns.

writing journal contents page smART bookx
Main Pages
  • 103 medium-wide ruled pages
  • 30 lines per page
  • Large decorative numbering
  • A title box
  • A few introduction lines
  • The main ruled section
  • Two summary spaces at the bottom
writing journal main page smART bookx
At the Back

Two Brainstorming pages, to make mind maps or capture inspirations, and a Notes page.

writing journal brainstorm page smART bookx

The majority have the 'Dots' interior pattern throughout (shown above), but a few have a 'Solid' interior pattern and are marked with an [S*].

Example of the 'Solid' interior

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Leopard Print    

Rustic Tree    

Carnival Music   

Antique Parchment

Hokusai, Great Wave

Vintage Paris    

Quotes "Jot it Down"  

Carnival Cats    

Timber Wolf    

Giraffe Print    

Carnival Elephants    

Penguins (Photo)    

Pandas (Photo)   

Cartoon Pandas   

Van Gogh, Blossom    


Floral Wreath    

Carnival Owls   


Plain Purple    

Van Gogh, Starry Night   

Plain Red   


Red Polka Dots   

Red Plaid   

Cupcakes & Candy       

Breton Stripes   

Vintage Tea  

Chalk Board "Wine"[S*]  

Work Nerd    

Chalk Board "Path"[S*]    

Rustic Rainbow "Rain"    

Splash of Lime "She..    

Rustic Rainbow "Garden..    

Words of Wisdom "Be..   

Plain Talking "Sugar"   

Rustic Rainbow "Music"   

Keep Calm "Tea"   

Stars in Blush "The Stars"   

Rustic Rainbow Cat   

Keep Calm "Coffee"[S*]  

Words of Wisdom "Peace"   

Rustic Rainbow Dog   

Chinese Dragon   

Rustic Rainbow Horse   

Yin Yang