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Dimensions: 8.5” x 11” (21.6 x 27.9 cm)

Equally suitable for competition training or personal fitness goals. Record all sessions on one daily log page (no jumping around between different sections).

Each daily log provides space to record:

  • An Interval Session with target pace, rest, achieved pace and difficulty for each rep,
  • A Multi-exercise Session, such as weights or circuit training, with up to 6 sets of 15 different exercises,
  • A Flexibility Session,
  • Nutrition, including a food log, glasses of water, fruit & veg portions, medications or supplements and hours of sleep,
  • One ‘Other Exercise’ Session,
  • A Daily Review including an injury log, and
  • A complete Balance of Calories consumed and expended.

At the front of the book:

  • A User Guide
  • An at-a-glance Schedule Planner to set goals, plan session types and record achievements.

At the back of the book:

  • A Statistics Tracker table and graphing paper to periodically record health or exercise data. Add personalized categories alongside the common ones we’ve provided.
  • A Session Store. Write, just the once, sessions you repeat regularly. Give them a code and just jot the code down on the daily log (particularly useful for flexibility sessions).
  • A Muscle Map of the body,
  • Calorie Look-up Tables and a space to Store Regular Meals … all to help calculate daily calorie balances quickly and easily.
  • A Fitness Expenses Log, and
  • Keep Addresses and Passwords for all sports related contacts in one place.

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